Call of the Void

The Mponeng Mine


My feet rest on solid ground, but my mind is far from easy. On the pathway to the edge of sanity I approach the abyss, until standing on the brink I am as vacuous as the unfathomable beyond. The savage wound gouged into the earth is terrible to behold, yet my eyes are drawn to inexorably probe the heart of darkness leading to the infernal depths of the mine. Even my eyes must travel lightly, for staring induces a pressure like a heavy object tearing its way through a suspension of thin fabric. (more…)

My daughter spoke before she was born

“Mommy.”┬áMy daughter’s first word. Isn’t that what every new mother is dying to hear? One word to magically transform this organic object into a new human being. All the pain and fear and doubt suddenly have purpose. One word, and mothers will know it was all worthwhile.

“I love you mommy.”

I just wish little Claire had waited until she was born to say it. (more…)

Our Suicide Watch Party

“Suicide bridge” is a short overpass which runs nearby my house. It has laughably short concrete barriers which do nothing to dissuade people from clambering over if they want to. Below, there’s a treacherous drop at least 200 feet to tumble along the sheer cliff and plummet into the canyon below. (more…)

Hospice of Hope

Hey horror fans. My name is Tobias Wade, and I’ve been writing horror stories here for the last six months. I recently found a technique which I feel has vastly improved my descriptive prose, and I hope sharing it will inspire others to try it out for themselves. (more…)

Footprints on the Ocean Floor

Where man has been, man has left his mark. From the irrevocable alteration of ecosystems to the mass extinction of indigenous life, we have slashed and burned our way through every corner of this planet. Out of all the contamination I’ve come across in my twenty years as a marine biologist however, there’s nothing that has left so grievous an impact on my psyche as the footprints I discovered on the ocean floor. (more…)

One Death is not Enough

Gilles Garnier was less than human. I don’t mean he didn’t have two hands, or two feet, or opposable thumbs – I mean that his spirit was so vile that his mere existence was an insult to the human race. (more…)

A Day with Schizophrenia

Hey guys, it’s me Alex with another livejournal update. I posted a google hangouts AMA last week about what it was like to live with paranoid schizophrenia. Sorry for leaving early. It was starting to get so loud that it hurt. I’m not comfortable being seen like that. I don’t like it when people see me shake either. (more…)