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Brutal Bedtime Stories

Special Edition with original full page illustrations! 

Collaboration with award-winning horror writers around the world.  Dozens of diverse short stories containing gruesome murders, supernatural mysteries, grotesque hellscapes, and deranged psychopaths to keep you up at night.  

the last man

THE LAST MAN (Trilogy)

Embark upon the fantasy story of enlightenment through seven surreal worlds representing fear, pleasure, illusion, love, truth, identity, and attachment.

All the while pursuing a desperate course to the center of the Earth where a primordial force awaits its freedom with the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy.


A diverse collection of short horror stories including the grizzly confessions of a serial killer, parallel dimensions, becoming trapped in a virtual world, and encountering ancient aliens buried beneath the Earth’s crust.

#1 Amazon Bestseller in “Horror Collections and Anthologies”