Hospice of Hope

Hey horror fans. My name is Tobias Wade, and I’ve been writing horror stories here for the last six months. I recently found a technique which I feel has vastly improved my descriptive prose, and I hope sharing it will inspire others to try it out for...

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Footprints on the Ocean Floor

Where man has been, man has left his mark. From the irrevocable alteration of ecosystems to the mass extinction of indigenous life, we have slashed and burned our way through every corner of this planet. Out of all the contamination I’ve come across in my twenty...

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Imagine a Night

Imagine a night when the space between words becomes like the space between trees: wide enough to wander in. – Sarah Thomson. “That poor girl,” they’d say. “Imagine that happening right in our neighborhood.” “Do you think she suffered much? It’s too dreadful to...

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Horror Stories: 51 Sleepless Nights: Thriller short story collection about Demons, undead, paranormal, psychopaths, spirits, aliens, and mystery



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