Imagine a Night

Imagine a night when the space between words becomes like the space between trees: wide enough to wander in. – Sarah Thomson. “That poor girl,” they’d say. “Imagine that happening right in our neighborhood.” “Do you think she suffered much? It’s too dreadful to...

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I’m in love with the Devil’s wife

The Devil is known for his patience. He will see a ripening sin in our youth and wait all the long years of our life before the harvest. And why shouldn’t he? What is one more soul to the untold billions in his dominion? What is one more year in the infinite span of...

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The Grim Reaper’s Scythe: Beyond Death

There is no fear as potent as the fear of the unknown. No monstrous visage discovered yet has been as terrifying as the infinite potential for horror which exists before the mask is removed. That is why we humans, in our naive misunderstanding of the universal order,...

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Lost and Found Collection

I am not writing this as a warning, although the Lord knows how many of them are still out there. I am not writing this as a confession, although I know my soul lies beyond the grasp of the righteous and damned alike. I simply wish to extend an opportunity to everyone...

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Sound of the New York Subway Spirit

New York is a complicated city to live in. Here, the only way to fit in is to be different. I’ve tried being that girl who minds her own business, but keeping out of trouble has only ever invited others to start trouble with me. That’s why I’m done being quiet and...

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