Sound of the New York Subway Spirit

New York is a complicated city to live in. Here, the only way to fit in is to be different. I’ve tried being that girl who minds her own business, but keeping out of trouble has only ever invited others to start trouble with me. That’s why I’m done being quiet and submissive. If you allow yourself to be constrained by social norms, you’re never going to win a race against someone who isn’t similarly burdened. And to me, there’s nothing quite so liberating as singing. (more…)

Letter from the Cold Case Files

I work at a police station, first in my precinct to be equipped with the latest video spectral comparator. The device is absolutely amazing for reconstructing obscured writing, and we’ve already used it to blow open three cases by deciphering evidence which had been almost completely obliterated. (more…)

Don’t let him steal my child

I’m not afraid of the darkness. Spiders don’t bother me, nor do snakes or heights or any of the regular things. I’m afraid of the child growing inside me, breathing my blood, displacing my organs, until he eventually rips his bulbous head free from my body and leaves me in ruin. (more…)

My Family Tradition to Feed the Spirit

It’s funny how the strangest traditions seem ordinary when you’ve grown up around them. One of my friends can’t get through Thanksgiving dinner without someone spanking the turkey, and another kid in my high-school said they threw a tea-party to celebrate every A. I’ve heard about another family who never wore clothes at home – the poor kid couldn’t figure out why everyone started laughing at him when he visited a friend’s house and promptly began to undress. It simply hadn’t occurred to him that nobody else lived quite the same way, and why should it? None of their traditions were more arbitrary than a cake on your birthday or an inside tree on Christmas. (more…)

Dead man floating

I found the first floater when I was seven years old. It had washed up on the shore about a hundred yards from my family’s summer house. It still looked mostly human – a bit swollen and decomposed, but whole enough for me to immediately recognize what it as. (more…)

Post-Mortem Cardiovascular Activity

Sleep after toil, port after stormy seas,
Ease after war, death after life does greatly please.

-Edmund Spenser

My grandfather is dead. I’m not looking for sympathy or anything, I’m just having trouble dealing with the situation. It’s not like I was even close to him – he worked in Brazil the entire time I was growing up. But I need to write this because everything I thought I knew about death has changed overnight, and I don’t know what to do. (more…)