My Family Tradition to Feed the Spirit

It’s funny how the strangest traditions seem ordinary when you’ve grown up around them. One of my friends can’t get through Thanksgiving dinner without someone spanking the turkey, and another kid in my high-school said they threw a tea-party to celebrate every A. I’ve heard about another family who never wore clothes at home – the poor kid couldn’t figure out why everyone started laughing at him when he visited a friend’s house and promptly began to undress. It simply hadn’t occurred to him that nobody else lived quite the same way, and why should it? None of their traditions were more arbitrary than a cake on your birthday or an inside tree on Christmas. (more…)

New interactive camera learns about you while it records

I have in my possession a 2017 D-Series Interactive Camera with a basic artificial intelligence, designed to actively learn about whatever it records. I can say with confidence that I’ve never encountered a piece of technology which has so thoroughly terrified me to the core of my being. I could tell you why right now, but you wouldn’t believe me until I gave you the full story, so here goes. (more…)

The Monster Inside Us

Do you want a job with no prerequisite qualifications? I guess?

$15 an hour, with a flexible schedule and free food? Okay.

Plus it’s so easy that you can even do your homework or watch TV while you’re getting paid. Sign me up.  (more…)

Google Maps has been Hacked

Google, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung – If you’re like me, you’ll view an ubiquitous name like that with implicit trust. We’ll enter our credit card or banking passwords without hesitation as long as we see the right logo on the top of the screen. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the most powerful companies still rely on software designed by humans, and they will always be vulnerable to the arms race of hackers trying to exploit their code. (more…)