Anger Management

scary creepypasta horror storyI hate Clive. His smug lopsided grin, his greasy comb-over, his horn-rimmed glasses – I don’t think I’d brake if I saw him crossing the street. In fact, I fantasize about it every time I sit down in his office. (more…)

Do you know where your son is?

scary creepypasta horror story“Do you know where your son is?” An unnaturally deep, artificially modulated voice asked me over the phone.

I glanced at Mr. Neffle (my boss) in the office across from mine. He was sucking the powdered sugar off his fingers after his morning donuts. Then at Mikey the intern, trying to figure out how to make copies (for the tenth time). It was an ordinary day like any other, except for the private number which called my cellphone. (more…)

Virtual Terror

I’m going to tell you a secret that I don’t tell anyone. I’m a US veteran of the war in Afghanistan. I was stationed in the Uruzgan province when Taliban militants attacked our coalition base. I stood next to a man I knew since training when a RPG-16 hit the three story building behind and buried us both alive, and I held the flag they sent home to his mother after I crawled out. I’ve tortured a man for information, threatened a child to coerce his parents to cooperate, and of the seven people I know I’ve killed, only five were fighting back.

But that isn’t the secret, because I was just following orders. The secret is that when I’m lying awake at night thinking about all the things done to me – all the things I’ve done – I’m not not traumatized by it all. The secret is I can’t sleep because I miss it. (more…)

The Masked Orgy

College is the time for experimentation. And no, I don’t mean titrating sodium hydroxide with hydrochloric acid in chemistry. I mean forcing yourself to try new things – things that excite you – things that scare you – for how else are we supposed to discover who we are and what we’re capable of without constantly pushing the boundaries of our reality?

At least, that’s the excuse my boyfriend Mike came up with when he suggested a threesome. (more…)