The mind of a suicide bomber

I will be going soon. The Muna Camp will be cleansed with fire. Inshallah – if Allah wills – I will die tonight.

I wish people would take the lives of the Nigerian people as seriously as they do their celebrities and invented characters, but my message needs to be told and I will tell it to whoever will listen. (more…)

New Facebook page Launched

This page has been inactive for too long, and it’s time for a fresh start. I would rather have a few active readers than 20,000 inactive fans. The numbers don’t mean anything to me. (more…)

Creepy Things I find as a Post Office worker

I want to share some of the creepy things I find being mailed through the US post office. And if you think we don’t look – yeah, we do. If we have any grounds for suspicion, we can run a package through scanners without even having to fill out a form.

Then if we see something in the X-Ray which might contain something illegal or a safety hazard, we’re allowed to open it. And yeah, pretty much anything can look like something illegal if you put your mind to it. (more…)

Psychedelic Tattoo

Two days ago I had the most exciting day of my life. I’ve heard that’s pretty common when you try LSD for the first time, but this trip opened doors for me that will change me forever.

I’m a 23 year old girl and I call myself a freelance artist, but it’s really just because that sounds better than “unemployed”. I’m sure a lot of you know how hard it is for independent illustrators out there. No matter how good you are, you’re always going to see someone who is better and still can’t make a career out of it. The other side of that coin is that no matter how bad you are, there’s always going to be someone who has already made a fortune from being worse. (more…)