The Final Question

There are lots of stories about how people die. Death is very intriguing because it is something everyone will experience, and yet no-one HAS ever experienced, because as soon as YOU have undergone death, there is no more YOU to have experiences at all. But this isn’t the story of just anyone’s death.

This is the story of how you die. One of you will go like this, but it will be a similar story for the rest of you when your time has come. And there won’t be any bells or choirs, no light at the end of the tunnel. There won’t be any voice calling you home or crying ancestors welcoming you with open arms. I know because that’s not what happened when I died. (more…)

Post-Mortem Cardiovascular Activity

Sleep after toil, port after stormy seas,
Ease after war, death after life does greatly please.

-Edmund Spenser

My grandfather is dead. I’m not looking for sympathy or anything, I’m just having trouble dealing with the situation. It’s not like I was even close to him – he worked in Brazil the entire time I was growing up. But I need to write this because everything I thought I knew about death has changed overnight, and I don’t know what to do. (more…)

Children Collector

Do you know this game? It’s my favorite.

All you have to do is lie very quietly – that’s it – just like you were made of stone.

Don’t blink. Don’t even breathe. And whatever you do, don’t tell them you’re playing a game.

They’ll want to play with you, but you mustn’t let them.

Because when they join in, it won’t be a game anymore. (more…)

Mother is Back

Love is blind, and so is hope. But something doesn’t become true just because you want it badly enough. I don’t know why IT is in my house, but I’m not going to be fooled.

I say IT because she isn’t my mom. She looks like her, and talks like her, and smiles like her, but IT isn’t her. (more…)